If you’re familiar with astrology, you might know that the north node in your natal chart, also known as the destiny point represents your life purpose (aka your “why”) steering you towards your highest potential.

Here at North Node Digital, we deeply believe that everyone has a purpose (or, calling) and, through this agency, nothing would make us happier than to see you wildly, courageously and blissfully following yours.

So, pour yourself a cuppa, take a seat and, let us navigate you back towards your true north.

We know you have a kickass business to run and frankly, nothing should stop you.

We exist for the passionate, rebel-at-heart entrepreneurs, and corporate escapees who aren’t simply starting or running a business, but wanting to do deeply fulfilling work.

Life is not meant to be a compromise, friends. You do not exist to simply follow the herd, dragging your feet through a soul crushing 9-5 job. You deserve to have a business that makes your face light up with delight when you talk about it, leap out of bed with energy in the morning, and make you silently thank the Universe, every day. 

Grow your list and build an engaged tribe 

Share your message and market your products and offers authentically 

Create a map and strategy that make sense for your unique business

Implement systems so that you can automate more of your business

Hand over the overwhelming tasks so that you can focus on your creative genius

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Are you ready to make a HUGE impact and take your business to the next level?

I’m the founder and creative director of North Node Digital, a digital marketing agency for passionate, driven entrepreneurs and service based businesses.

I have something to tell you, from one creative entrepreneur to another...

“YOU are powerful and you CAN (and deserve) to have a thriving, reliable business that you’re passionate about.”

My wish for you?
Helping you connect with, and positively influence more of your tribe – without you having to do all the work. But, first thing’s first, we need to make sure you’re being SEEN. 

We specialise in designing swoon-worthy funnels and ads paired with soulful, savvy copy, that puts you right in front of your ideal customer. 

Our ads are more than just a means of making a sale. Our messages matter–and also make you money. 

Before being here - North Node Digital HQ 

I worked in the corporate world, as a marketing professional for six years… I worked with large MNCs, managed some big-name accounts and even juggled a number of consultancy projects for startups in the US.

But something felt off, I wanted to do more with my life. I craved freedom, meaning and impact. I wanted to do work that lit me up from the inside. So, I quit my job and started my own business. 

And I realised what lit me up was helping others follow their own calling, share their stories and unique gifts with the world. This is what gets me stoked :)

I now work with entrepreneurs all over the world helping them grow their business to the next level of impact and income.

Hi, I’m Megha!

About The Founder

(AKA dream job)