we want you to be able to boldly pursue your calling and do what lights you up

And, you can’t be rocking your business and, giving your gorgeous client’s the attention they deserve, if you’re stumbling, clueless, through tech puzzles, or wondering how to automate tasks.

Because, if there’s one thing we want to see more of in the world, its entrepreneurs rocking their businesses and changing lives.


I’m the founder and creative director of North Node Digital, a digital marketing agency for passionate, driven entrepreneurs and service based businesses.

Our ads are more than just a means of making a sale. Our messages matter – and also make you money.

Hey There, i'm mEGHA

About Us

You don’t have to do it all by yourself

Delegate the hard stuff (preferably, to us)

To take your business to the next level, you need to take off few of the millions hats you wear in your business on the daily. Hand off things that take time or aren’t your expertise so you can focus on what matters most to you and your business!

We're here to help you create, manage and implement the strategy and systems your business needs to grow 

With our 3-pronged plan of attack, we’ve got you covered from all angles whether it be, designing a heartfelt, high-converting sales funnel, killer facebook ad campaign, or even just one-on-one business strategizing sessions.

With North Node Digital, you can rest easy KNOWING

You have an authentic funnel for selling your offers and products on autopilot

That you have ROCK SOLID systems in place to scale up and uplevel your business 

That you are SEEN and HEARD by the right peeps through targeted facebook ads

You feel snug and supported throughout the whole process

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We want to make sure that you’re equipped with a solid strategy and action plan that boosts your credibility and sets you up to succeed. A plan to see you through the next stage of your business - and beyond. Every project we take on gets our full attention, and designated time in our schedule.

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Making the decision to work with Megha has been one of the single best business moves I’ve made. She has a natural ability to see the big picture and translate that into nuanced, beautiful design that is supported by technology to deliver an uplifting, positive experience to my clients and prospects in a way that frees me up to focus on my offers.

Megha helps me hold the vision I have for my business and myself – supporting me in building an asset that I can leverage and grow over time. She gets it... The energy and awareness she brings to our work together inspires me to keep going.


Energy Coach

Facebook Ads Strategist

Collaborating with Megha has been amazing. Her work is beautiful. Her aesthetic is on-point. Yet... she's also got this incredible technical ability that means that I never have to worry about implementation. (By the way, her turnaround time on high-quality work is insanely fast).

Ultimately, she's got right-brained brilliance and left-brained logic, with more than just a human touch... but a soulful insight and intuition that has made her absolutely irreplaceable. I mean, I would totally advise you to hire this woman immediately for all of your funnel building needs... but I'd rather keep her all to myself.

I'd rather keep her all to myself

Self Care Coach and Author


North Node is hands down the best digital marketing agency I have ever worked with. They set up a pretty sales funnel for me - not my zone of genius - and made a very overwhelming process easy to understand and manageable.

Megha absolutely hit the nail on the head, understood my ideal client, and captured their attention. Her communication was excellent and she truly made the process stress-free so that I could focus my attention in other areas. I would highly recommend them!

Soul Alignment Coach

The investment I made in hiring an expert has definitely paid off

I absolutely love Megha and her agency, North Node Digital.

Megha is amazing at making your visions a reality through her technical expertise along with her keen eye for design. It’s that rare combination that makes her work so unique. The investment I made in hiring an expert has definitely paid off when it comes to my numbers, clients and visibility.

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